NadeerRanabahu(staff image)

Senior LecturerNadeera Ranabahu

Meremere 342
Internal Phone: 90246

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

My main research focus is minority or marginalized groups in entrepreneurship, employment and innovation in different societies. Examples of such groups include women, refugees, people with disabilities, youth/students, migrants, ethnic minorities or the low-income people. Among these groups, I study employment, social and economic value creation, sustainable, responsible and social entrepreneurial/innovative initiatives. In addition, I study impact of responsible and sustainable development initiatives (e.g., microfinance, FinTech) among marginalized communities.

Recent Publications

  • Almeida S., Ranabahu N. and Verma R. (2022) Reducing inequality through institutional action: towards a process framework for student transition and support. Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning
  • Ranabahu N. and Wickramasinghe A. (2022) Sustainable Leadership in Microfinance: A Pathway for Sustainable Initiatives in Micro and Small Businesses? Sustainability 14(9) 5167
  • Ranabahu N., de Vries H. and Basharati Z. (2022) Refugee-owned small businesses: A typology for blended value creation. International Migration
  • Bi Q., Collins J. and Ranabahu N. (2021) Entrepreneurial Dispositions, Time Horizons, and Context: Subtleties That Shape Entrepreneurial Intentions. Small Enterprise Research
  • Ranabahu N. and Tanima FA. (2021) Empowering Vulnerable Microfinance Women Through Entrepreneurship: Opportunities, Challenges and the Way forward. International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship