Moritz Wagner

LecturerDr Moritz Wagner

Meremere 401
Internal Phone: 90475

Research Interests

Research interests include mutual funds, investments, SRI, capital markets and empirical finance.

Recent Publications

  • Wagner M. and Margaritis D. (2019) Late Trading in Mutual Fund Shares – The Sequel? Journal of Financial Services Research 55(1): 89-109.
  • Wagner M. and Margaritis D. (2017) All about fun(ds) in emerging markets? The case of equity mutual funds. Emerging Markets Review 33: 62-78.
  • Anderson W., Bialkowski J. and Wagner M. (2020) Development of socially responsible investing (SRI) – Evidence from the Mutual Funds Industry. In Ameur HB; Ftiti Z; Louhichi W (Ed.), Financial and Economic Systems: Transformations & New ChallengesSingapore: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte..
  • Białkowski J., Hong S. and Wagner M. (2021) The impact of upstairs trading on market quality: Evidence from a highly segmented market. .
  • Anderson W., Bialkowski J. and Wagner M. (2020) The midterm election effect on US stock returns: is it a pan-market or a sectoral phenomenon? .