Mesbahuddin Chowdhury

Senior Lecturer Above the BarMesbahuddin Chowdhury

Meremere 339


Research Interests

My current research focus is on buyer supplier relationship in supply chain management and resilience. Particularly my research interests are concentrated on the role of buyer supplier relationship, social capital, supply chain resilience, organizational resilience.

Recent Publications

  • AI Humdan E., Shi Y., Behina M. and Chowdhury M. (2023) Examining agile supply chains: an empirical study in Australia. Production Planning and Control
  • Chowdhury MMH., Chowdhury M., Khan EA. and Sajib S. (2023) Supply chain relational capital for sustainability through governance: the moderating effect of network complexity. Supply Chain Management 28(2): 347-362.
  • Chowdhury MMH., Quaddus M. and Chowdhury M. (2023) Managing relational practices for performance improvement in a complex supply chain network: the mediating roles of proactive and reactive resilience in apparel industry of Bangladesh. International Journal of Logistics Management 34(1): 34-59.
  • Prayag G., Jiang Y., Chowdhury M., Hossain MI. and Akter N. (2023) Building Dynamic Capabilities and Organizational Resilience in Tourism Firms During COVID-19: A Staged Approach. Journal of Travel Research
  • Ozanne LK., Chowdhury M., Prayag G. and Mollenkopf D. (2022) SMEs navigating COVID-19: The influence of social capital and dynamic capabilities on organizational resilience. Industrial Marketing Management 104: 116-135.