Lucie Ozanne

ProfessorLucie Ozanne

Meremere 342
Internal Phone: 94073


Research Interests

Research interests include social marketing and corporate social responsibility.

Recent Publications

  • Ozanne L. and Ozanne JL. (2021) Disaster Recovery: How Ad Hoc Marketing Systems Build and Mobilize Social Capital for Service Delivery. Jounral of Public Policy & Marketing.
  • Ozanne L., Stronelli J., Luchs M. and Mick D. (2021) Enabling and Cultivating Wiser Consumption: The Roles of Marketing and Public Policy. Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.
  • Prayag G., Ozanne L. and Spector S. (2021) A psychological wellbeing perspective of long-term disaster recovery following the Canterbury earthquakes. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction.
  • Fang S., Prayag G., Ozanne L. and de Vries H. (2020) Psychological Capital, Coping Mechanisms and Organizational Resilience: Insights from the 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake, New Zealand. Tourism Management Perspectives 34(April)
  • Mollenkopf D., Ozanne L. and Stolze H. (2020) A Transformative Supply Chain Response to COVID-19. Journal of Service Management