Lucie Ozanne

ProfessorLucie Ozanne

Merermere - Room 302b
Internal Phone: 94073


Research Interests

Research interests include social marketing and corporate social responsibility.

Recent Publications

  • Ozanne LK. and Prayag G. (2022) Exploring Airbnb Host Wellbeing and Host-Guest Conflicts in Network Hospitality. Frontiers in Psychology 13
  • Ozanne LK., Ballantine PW. and McMaster A. (2022) Understanding Food Waste Produced by University Students: A Social Practice Approach. Sustainability (Switzerland) 14(17)
  • Ozanne LK., Chowdhury M., Prayag G. and Mollenkopf D. (2022) SMEs navigating COVID-19: The influence of social capital and dynamic capabilities on organizational resilience. Industrial Marketing Management 104: 116-135.
  • Papaoikonomou E., Albinsson PA., Ozanne LK., Marine-Roig E. and Perera BY. (2022) Editorial: Can the sharing economy contribute to wellbeing? Exploring the impact of the sharing economy on individual and collective wellbeing. Frontiers in Psychology 13
  • White S., Ballantine P. and Ozanne L. (2022) Consumer Adoption of Plant-Based Meat Substitutes: A Network of Social Practices. Appetite.