Wananga landing Wananga landing

Neil Dawson

(New Zealander, b.1948)

20 November 2023

Neil Dawson was born in Christchurch 1948, and attended the Canterbury University School of Art from 1966 to 1969, studying sculpture under Tom Taylor and Eric Doudney. He graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts in 1970, and then attended the National Gallery of Victoria Art School, graduating with a Diploma in Sculpture in 1973. Dawson taught drawing and design at Christchurch Polytechnic from 1975 to 1983, but has worked in more recent years as a full-time sculptor. He has exhibited internationally, completing many large commissions, including 'Ferns' in Wellington, 'Chalice' in Christchurch, 'Globe' for the Pompidou Centre in Paris, and 'Canopy' for the Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane.

Sculpture at UC

Lit LeWitt, 1994

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