August 2022 Graduation update

August 2022 Graduation celebrations will be held from 29-31 August at the Christchurch Arena. 

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To find out everything you need to know, take a look at our Graduation Guide (August 2022)


December Graduation Dates - 13, 14, 15 December.

Applications for the December Graduation Celebrations will open on 29 August 2022 and close on 7 October 2022. No late applications will be accepted.  Celebration dates and times will be announced after applications have closed.

August 2022 Graduation celebrations will be held from 29-31 August at the Christchurch Arena.

August Graduation celebration Dates

August Graduation Celebrations will be held on Monday 29, Tuesday 30 & Wednesday 31 August.

Monday 29 August 2pm
  • Qualifications in the Faculty of Science
  • Bachelor of Product Design
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Chemical and Process Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Software Engineering
Tuesday 30 August 10am
  • Qualifications in the School of Business
  • Qualifications in the Faculty of Law
Wednesday 31 August   10am
  • Qualifications in the Faculty of Arts
  • Qualifications in the Faculty of Education
  • Qualifications in the Faculty of Health
Wednesday 31 August


  • Qualifications in the Faculty of Engineering (excluding Bachelor of Product Design, Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Chemical and Process Engineering, and Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Software Engineering, who celebrate on Monday 29 August, 2pm)
  • Bachelor of Forestry Science


Eke Tangaroa | Celebration for Māori graduates

Date: Thursday 1 September
Time: 9.30am 
Venue: Engineering Core, University of Canterbury

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Pasifika Gradaution Celebration

Date: Tuesday 30 August
Time: 3.30pm
Venue: Engineering Core, University of Canterbury

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* Please note these dates and times may be subject to change.

Graduation celebration tickets for whānau and friends are now available online. You are allocated up to five guest tickets available here>

To access your guests’ tickets please use your Student ID number as the ‘access code’ and select the Graduation celebration you will be attending. Guest tickets will be scanned on arrival, please ensure you select the correct Graduation celebration for your guests. As a graduate you do not need a ticket.

Please access your guests’ tickets before Friday 12 August. On Monday 15 August any tickets still available will be released to graduates who would like additional tickets. This will be limited to an extra two tickets per graduate.

If you are attending a Graduation Celebration you must wear the correct academic regalia. Graduates are responsible for obtaining their own academic regalia and we encourage you to organise yours early to ensure availability. 

UC Graduation Celebration Event Regalia Hire: 

Process for ordering regalia

  • Follow link provided by GWC Regalia Hire – Click here
  • Click on University of Canterbury, August 2022
  • Select your Qualification
  • Select Ceremony
  • Confirm Regalia – include your height and head circumference
  • Enter Payment Details – Confirm Payment


Any student who has an outstanding credit from a previous graduation order and has not used it to hire regalia for private ceremonies or photos will need to email us on to receive a credit code to use against a new order.

When the code is received, use the above link and re-order. 

The order should show a zero balance if it’s the same order. If there is money still to pay its because:

  1. There have been additional items selected ie: an extra hood,
  2. The initial order was missing some items due to mistakenly de-selecting a piece regalia.

 Regalia collection is from GWC, Dovedale Campus, Wairarapa Building, Block ED15, Ilam.

If you are unable to collect your regalia at the specified time, you may ask a friend or relative to collect it for you.

Please note GWC are currently short staffed so there may be a delay in responding.

GWC Regalia Hire

The hiring of academic dress is a voluntary service provided by GWC who own and maintain the regalia for UC ceremonies. The proceeds are used to finance scholarships and awards to graduates and students and for charitable purposes. A fund for the purchase of further academic dress is also maintained.

Graduate Women International is a network of women graduates founded in 1921. There are over 50 countries represented with a membership of around 250,000, and consultative status with UN bodies. The purpose of Graduate Women International is to promote understanding, friendship and cooperation among women graduates; to further the development of education; to encourage research work by women graduates.

For Scholarships, Awards and Grants, Graduate Women Canterbury welcome inquiries from all women graduates. Contact us by email or call in to our rooms on the Dovedale Campus, corner of Dovedale & Solway Avenues any Tuesday between 9.30am and 2pm.

December Graduation Dates - 13, 14, 15 December

Applications for the December Graduations will open on 29 August 2022 and close on 7 October 2022. No late applications will be accepted.  Celebration dates and times will be announced after applications have closed.


Students can now apply to attend the August Graduation Celebrations through myUC.  Applications for the August Celebrations are now closed.  Late applications will not be considered.

Applications for the December Graduation Celebrations will open 29 August 2022.

Multiple qualifications

If you are graduating with more than one qualification and they are from different Faculties, you may receive both qualifications together at one celebration.

Multiple qualification application process

When you apply to graduate, please indicate in the 'Comments' field which Faculty Celebration you wish to attend to receive both qualifications.

Multiple qualification celebration options

You can choose which Faculty hood you wear at the celebration. You can not wear both together but may wish to order both hoods for photographs.

If your qualifications would normally be conferred at the same celebration, they will automatically be awarded together. That is, you would not cross the stage twice in one celebration.

Please note: If both of your qualifications are from the same suite of qualifications, you will not receive both in person. For example, if you were receiving a BA(Hons) and a BA, the BA(Hons) would be conferred in person and the BA would be conferred in absentia.

Planning further study?

If you are eligible to graduate with a qualification, but intend to undertake further study towards that qualification to complete a second major, or you intend to transfer your courses to a higher qualification (for example, from a postgraduate certificate to a postgraduate diploma), you must seek further academic advice from your Faculty Office. See Student Advisors (Continuing Students) for details.

If you have completed a qualification and you are planning to continue to a new qualification, for example, you have completed a BA and plan to enrol in a BA(Hons), these are separate qualifications and you can graduate with them separately.

Transcripts and Letters

If you require your official academic record or an official letter from the University confirming your eligibility to graduate, please see . Once your qualification has been awarded, your name will be added to the online Graduate Search which is publicly accessible. The University also gives names of graduates to their former secondary school.

Stay connected with UC

When you graduate, you become a member of the UC Alumni. To join the Alumni network and remain connected to UC, visit the Alumni and Fundraising website.

Students who choose to graduate in absentia and NOT attend a Graduation celebration in August or December, will have their qualification conferred in absentia at a regular monthly UC Council meeting, which are held on the first Wednesday of each month. Conferment is subject to a successful completion check of academic requirements. An application to graduate must be received two weeks prior to the Council meeting for the conferment to take place (please see the relevant application and conferment dates below). After the UC Council meeting that the student’s qualification is conferred at, they will be able to access their qualification certificate and transcript (usually within 48 hours of the UC Council meeting). The physical copy of the qualification certificate will be posted to the student.

Applications received for graduation*Council conferment date
20 April 20224 May 2022
18 May 20221 June 2022
22 June 20226 July 2022
20 July 20223 August 2022
24 August 20227 September 2022
21 September 20225 October 2022
19 October 20222 November 2022

* If an application is not received by the deadline listed above, the conferment at Council will automatically be deferred until the following month's Council meeting.


To find out everything you need to know for your graduation, take a look at our Graduation Guide (August 2022)

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