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Special Consideration

07 June 2024

Unforeseen circumstances can get in the way of your studies. UC has a range of special consideration options for eligible students. Find out about special consideration for assessment, late discontinuation, teaching qualifications, reviewing or appealing a decision, and providing supporting evidence.


Special Consideration Applications must be submitted no later than FIVE WORKING DAYS after the assessment due date. 

You will receive an email notification once your application has been received.  A further email will be sent once the grounds of the application have been assessed to advise you of the decision on the grounds of the application. If the grounds are approved, this relevant Department will be notified so they can apply an academic remedy.

For an overview of the process please view the Special Consideration Procedure document.  For more detailed information, please read all the information contained on this page, in particular the information in relation to your supporting evidence before you submit your application.

Please note:  If the academic remedy for a special consideration for late discontinuation from a course (or courses) is approved, this does not provide a refund of fees.  It only removes the relevant course(s) from a student's transcript.  Information in relation to fees refunds can be found here

Special Consideration Procedure

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Special consideration information

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