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Extension of services

07 June 2024

An extension of access to some services is provided to all enrolled students after the Official Course End date, until the IT account is closed.


Once you finish your studies at UC, you retain access to some services for a period of time after your last Official Course End date. After this, your UC IT account is automatically closed - meaning your account is no longer usable for login/access to any system that relies on Active DirectoryLightweight Directory Access Protocol, or MS Entra ID directory services.  You will normally receive a courtesy notification of your account closure one month beforehand.

Your access to the following services will be retained for the listed number of days:

+116 days+116 days+ 270 days
AKO | LEARN+116 days+116 days+ 270 days
Network drives (eg P:)+116 days+116 days+ 270 days
Email+116 days+116 days+ 270 days
Building access0 days0 days*0 days*
Restricted building access0 days0 days0 days
*An extension of building access for postgraduate students must be negotiated directly with the Department. 
Account termination

Once your account has been closed, you have a further 30 days before your account is fully terminated, or 270 days if you are a postgraduate thesis student. This means all files, email and any remaining IT-system stored data relating to your account will be deleted. 


Extension of services - thesis students only

In exceptional circumstances, thesis students may request a further extension (beyond the periods listed above) by emailing Include your full name, ID number, and the reason(s) for your extension request. If approved, only one extension period will be granted. 

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