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07 June 2024

You can search for UC graduates from 1980 to the present. You can also search for people who graduated from the Christchurch College of Education between 1997 and 2006. Try the graduate search.

Search help

The search will return all graduates whose family and given names match your entered names.  You can search by either former or preferred family name.  However, if the person has changed their name since graduating our records won’t reflect this, so you’ll have to search by their former name.

If the search does not find a person who you know has graduated from the University within the specified period, please email




  • Search for a family name and given name(s). Eg Brown, Michael will return all graduates whose family name is Brown and given name is Michael
  • A ‘wild card’ (*) will return all names starting with that combination of letters. Eg And* as the family name will return graduates with surnames such as Anderson and Andrews. Chr* Ro* as the given name(s) will return graduates such as Christian Robert or Christopher Roger
Conditions of use


To obtain an official academic transcript or verification of a particular student’s qualification, please see Transcripts and Official Letters; the provision of this information is subject to authorisation from the student concerned.

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