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Student advice

11 October 2023

Student Advice is here to help you plan your degree and courses. Our student advisors can help with degree planning and much more. Get student advice for studying Arts at UC.


Our student advisors can help with degree planning and much more:

  • Degree planning, including double degrees and double majors
  • Planning for new degrees including the Bachelor of Digital Screen with Honours
  • Explaining your course options
  • Semester planning (e.g., work load)
  • Understanding the University Calendar and degree regulations
  • Advice on eligibility to graduate
  • Transfer of credits from other New Zealand tertiary institutions
  • Permissions to take courses elsewhere for credit to a UC degree
  • Cross-crediting between several undergraduate degrees
  • Transferring between degrees
  • Approval of entry to courses and degrees
  • Exemptions, such as waivers of prerequisites or core-requirements
  • Withdrawal from courses
  • Suspensions
  • Extensions
  • Part-time enrolment at Master's level
  • Appeals

Visit our Qualifications page to find out about your options.

Departments and Schools

The individual Departments and Schools within the Faculty of Arts can answer questions about course selection and can offer advice about course suitability. We can help you with the level of courses and the number of points you are required to take in order to qualify at the end of your studies.


Māori students
Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha offers a welcoming environment for Māori students and provides support and encouragement for Māori to achieve academic excellence. Find out more


Pasifika students
The University of Canterbury provides a welcoming and supportive environment for students of Pacific heritage. Academic and cultural support services have been designed to ensure that you get the most out of both your studies and your free time. Find out more


Students with disabilities
For advice on support for students with a disability, please see the Equity & Disability Service. Find out more


Student Support
The Student Support team provides a range of services, support and useful information for students, both domestic and international students. Find out more


Career advice and planning
UC Careers and Employment provides advice and resources for job seeking, (including CV development) and information about prospective jobs and employers. Find out more


Academic support
The Academic Skills Centre is a free service that offers writing and study advice, resources and support for students from first-year through to PhD. Contact the ASC

For various other student services please see the Current Students website.

If you wish to add, change or discontinue any of your current courses you must follow the correct procedure.

A change of enrolment application should be submitted online and goes through an approval process via the relevant department/school and the Faculty Office.


Key dates for enrolment changes

Before you make the change, make sure you are aware of the key dates for enrolment and withdrawal from courses.


Course change process

To make changes to your current enrolment:

  1. Go to MyUC.
  2. Login using your University student "Username" and "Password".
  3. Click on the "Enrolment" button.
  4. Proceed with your change of enrolment application, following the instructions and make sure you complete the application by clicking on "submit".

If you have not heard anything about your change of enrolment application within one week, please contact the Enrolment Contact Centre or the Faculty Office to find out what the status of your application is.


What happens next?

Once a change has been approved, you will be emailed or posted a notification of change which must be accepted in order for the change to be finalised. Approvals are based on meeting the required prerequisites for a course, your workload (number of points enrolled in) and degree requirements.

If a change is not approved, your application will be declined. The Faculty Office may also contact you, in order to offer advice about your options.


How will my loan, allowance and fees be affected?

Changing or withdrawing from your courses will have implications for your fees. If you have a student allowance and/or loan, these may be affected as well. You should make sure you know exactly what the implications will be for you, BEFORE you put through an application for a change of enrolment.



Before you make a change to your enrolment, you may wish to get some academic advice. You can contact the relevant department or contact the Student Advisors in the Faculty of Arts.

UC Arts Qualifications
Find our qualifications here


Limited Full Time Status Applications
Please download the Limited Full Time Status form from StudyLink

  1. Complete the student section of the form, including the signature.
  2. Email the form to us and include any supporting documents (e.g. a doctors letter) if required.
  3. We will complete the UC section of the form, and email it back to you for you to upload to StudyLink


Changing your enrolment
How to change your enrolment

Transfer of credit
In order to transfer your credit from another university or institution to UC, we need 1) an original (preferably digital) transcript from your previous university or institution, and 2) a completed transfer of credit form. Email your transcript and form to us.


For information about using your timetable check here, and for help check here.


A normal full-time workload is 120 points across semester one and two, with 60 points in each semester.  The maximum workload is 75 points in one semester.  Excess workloads are seldom approved; applications can be made by completing this form and emailing the form to us.


Waiver of Prerequisite
Applications for waivers of prerequisite can be made by completing this form and emailing the form to us.

Compulsory courses for the BA (Schedule E and Schedule C courses)
From 2022:  Students who enrol in the Bachelor of Arts for the first time after 1 January 2022, are required to include two of the following courses in their degree: ARTS102, MAOR165, or WRIT101.  We recommend taking at least one of these courses in your first semester of study.

Prior to 2022: Students who enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts for the first time prior to 1 January 2022 are required to include one course from Schedule E to the BA in their degree.
These courses are: ARTH 217, CINE 213, COMS 102, EDUC 103, ENGL 110, ENGL 210, EURA 101, FREN 226, HIST 128, HIST 243, HSRV 102, HSRV 204, LING 102, MAOR 107, MAOR 108, MAOR 165, MAOR 212, MAOR 219, MUSA 150, POLS 103, TREO 110.


Distance course info
Not all qualification and courses are offered by distance teaching.  You can search for further information here. Distance taught courses can be identified by the code (D) e.g. ARTS102 22S1 (D).

For queries regarding the possibility of other courses being offered by distance, please contact the course coordinator directly.  You can find the course coordinator by searching for the course (use the “find a course by code” box) here.


Masters, Honours and other graduate programme information
Masters enrolment application forms as well as other Masters application forms (e.g. research proposal forms and suspension applications).


Forms you may require at UC can be found at the links below. Please contact us if you need advice or guidance about any of these forms.

Contact an Arts student advisor

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