Change Your Enrolment

If you would like to make changes to your courses and/or qualification you will need to complete a Change of Enrolment through myUC.

How to make changes to your enrolment

  1. Log in to myUC.
  2. Click on 'Manage my study'.
  3. Click on 'Change enrolment' and then the red 'Change enrolment' button.
  4. Make changes to your Qualification/Subjects or 'Save and Continue' to progress on to 'Change Courses' (or click on the 'Change Courses' tile on the left navigation bar). 
  5. Make changes to your Courses or 'Save and Continue' to progress on to 'Confirm Changes'.
  6. Confirm Changes.
  7. Complete Change of Enrolment. 

Note: If you have not met the prerequisites for courses you are wanting to add, you are best to contact the relevant Student Advisor. You may also need to apply for an exemption from a prerequisite.

Once your Application for a Change of Enrolment has been approved in myUC, you will be notified of a Confirmation of Change of Enrolment. If your application has not been processed within a few days and you do not receive a Confirmation of Change of Enrolment, check the status of your application with the Contact Centre

When you can make changes to your enrolment

At the start of each semester there is a period of time when you can make changes to your enrolment without financial penalty. This gives you the opportunity to see if the course is right for you (and is at the right level) before you commit to studying it for the whole semester.  If you make changes to your enrolment AFTER this date, you will not be refunded fees so it's important you know the deadline for each course you study.

On the Enrolment and Course Dates tables, you will see the dates listed for each semester - check which date applies for your courses. 

 Deadline to Add or Withdraw Courses (with a full refund for withdrawn courses)

This date is the deadline by which you need to have submitted a change of enrolment (adding or dropping courses) in myUC. You will receive a full refund for dropped courses and they will not show on your academic transcript.  You can not normally add courses after this date because you will have missed too much course content and sometimes assessment. 

Academic Withdrawal Deadline (with no refund for withdrawn courses)

You are still able to withdraw from a course up until this date but you will not receive a refund of tuition fees. The withdrawn course will not show on your final academic transcript and will not impact your overall GPA.  After this date you cannot withdraw from courses and your academic transcript will show a grade for the course.

If you have had to withdraw from a course due to medical or exceptional circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for a Partial Tuition Fee Refund

If you believe you have grounds to withdraw from a course after the Academic Withdrawal Deadline (with no refund for withdrawn courses) you will need to make application for Special Consideration. Note this is for academic purposes only and no tuition fee refund will apply.  

Things to consider before changing your enrolment

Check that the courses you are planning to take satisfy the requirements of your intended qualification(s). You should also consider your study pathway (for example meeting the pre-requisites for future courses). For advice on how to plan your study pathway, contact your Student Advisor.  If you are working towards a double degree or conjoint degree you should check your courses with both Student Advisors. 

The Regulations for each qualification can be found on the relevant Qualification page

If you are studying at UC with a Student Visa you must be studying full-time. If you withdraw from courses and are no longer studying full-time, you must report to the New Zealand Immigration Service

Contact the relevant Student Advisor if you are considering changing your qualification. They will be able to advise you of any pre-requisites for the qualification, check if you are eligible for any transfer of credits, and help you choose appropriate courses. 

International Students 

You may need to apply for a new visa or a variation of conditions. Discuss your options with the Enrolments Team or directly with Immigration NZ.

Transfer of Credit

You will need to re-apply for transfer of credit for any previous overseas study for the new qualification.

A change of enrolment may mean a change in fees. This will be shown in your Statement of Fees (attached to your Change of Enrolment Offer).

If your change of enrolment means you are eligible for a refund, the money will be returned to source for student loans, scholarships or Fees Free.  If you personally paid for your fees, you will receive notification from Student Finance to arrange a refund to your bank account.

If your change of enrolment means there is an additional fee to pay, you will be notified of the process in the Statement of Fees. 

More information on tuition fee refunds.


If you have a Student Allowance or are receiving living costs, you will need to ensure that a change of enrolment doesn't affect your eligibility for these benefits. Contact StudyLink directly for details.


If your fees have been paid for by a scholarship, you will need to check that your change of enrolment doesn't affect your eligibility for the scholarship. Contact UC Scholarships for details. 

Full withdrawal from study

If you are considering fully withdrawing from study at UC and would like to discuss your options, please contact Atawhai Ākonga | Student Care, a Kaiurungi in Te Waka Pākākano, a Kaitoko in Te Pātaka (for first year students), or a Kaitohutohu Ākonga | Student Advisor in your Faculty/School (for continuing and postgraduate students).

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