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Exemption from a prerequiste or co-requisite course

30 November 2023

You can apply for an exemption from a prerequisite or co-requisite course if you have already studied similar material to the relevant course. Learn about prerequisite and co-requisite exemptions.


prerequisite course is a course that you must take and pass before you can do another course (normally at a more advanced level). A co-requisite course is a course that must be taken at the same time (concurrently) or earlier with another specified course.  You can check to see if a course has a prerequisite or co-requisite by putting the course code in the UC Course Search

If you apply for a course with a prerequisite or co-requisite course in your Application to Enrol, the system will check to see if you meet these requirements. If you do not meet the prerequisite or co-requisite requirements for a course, or are waiting on your NCEA results to meet the requirements, you will receive a status message via myUC saying that you have "failed" prerequisites/co-requisites checks. 

Note that if you are waiting on NCEA results and believe you will meet the requirements once your results are released, you don't need to do anything.

If you do not meet the prerequisite or co-requisite requirements but believe you have grounds for an exemption, for example you have already studied material covered in the prerequisite course elsewhere or you can provide clear evidence of special ability in the subject area of the proposed course, you may apply for an exemption from the prerequisite or co-requisite requirement. 

Application for an exemption from a prerequisite or a co-requisite

Download (application/pdf, 62 KB)

Once you have completed the form and attached any supporting documentation, email it to one of the Student Advisors in your Faculty/School to be assessed. You will receive notification of the outcome of your application via email.

For the Requirements for Enrolment in a Programme of Study see the Enrolment Regulations

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