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Enrol in a course for a third time

22 November 2023

If you've failed a course twice and want to enrol in it again you will need special permission from the Dean.


You will need permission from the relevant Dean to enrol in a course for a third time and, if approved, it is considered your final opportunity to take and pass the course. Courses that are considered equivalent are included in the count.


Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students are only permitted to attempt a course twice and will need permission from the Dean to repeat a failed course for a second time. 


Exemption from course components

You may seek an exemption for tuition in lectures, tutorials, laboratory, practical, field, or any other work for repeated courses. This is granted at the discretion of the Dean and with the agreement of the department or school and yourself. If an exemption is granted, you will still pay the full tuition fee for the course. 


How to apply for permission

Email the completed form to the Student Advisor in your Faculty/School, along with other documentation to support your application. You may also be asked to attend an interview with the Dean or Academic Services Manager.

The Faculty/School will inform you of the outcome of your application.



See the Enrolment Regulations for details on Repeating Courses. 

Permission to enrol in a course for a third time FORM

Download (application/pdf, 61 KB)
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