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4. Add your courses

15 August 2023

Add courses to your application in myUC, selecting the correct occurrence code and location for each course.


Add courses to your application

Courses can be added to your application from 1 October every year for the following year of study.

If you haven't already, add courses to your application, selecting the correct occurrence (semester and site code)

Check that the courses you are planning to take satisfy the requirements of your intended qualification(s). You should also consider your study pathway (for example meeting the pre-requisites for future courses).

For advice on how to plan your study pathway, contact your Student Advisor.  If you are working towards a double degree or conjoint degree you should check your courses with both Student Advisors. The Regulations for each qualification can be found on the relevant Qualifications page.

If you have not met the prerequisites or co-requisites for courses you are wanting to add, contact the Course Coordinator or relevant Student Advisor. You may also need to apply for an exemption from a prerequisite.


TIP: 120 points is considered a full-time workload. For most first-year students this normally means four 15-point courses in each of Semester One and Semester Two.


TIP: you can change your courses later in myUC if you change your mind. This can either be done in your application (re-submitting your course selection) or once you're fully enrolled via a 'Change of Enrolment'

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