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6. Pay your fees

15 August 2023

To complete your enrolment your fees need to be paid - there are several payment options available. 


Arrange payment of your fees

Your enrolment is only complete when the fees total outlined in your Enrolment Agreement is paid in full. 

Details of different payment methods are listed on our How to pay your fees page. 

If you haven't finalised your student loan contract or your Fees Free eligibility, it is your responsibility to get this resolved as soon as possible.  


TIP: If you have applied for a scholarship that is announced after the start of semester (such as a Teaching NZ scholarship) you will need to arrange a student loan in the interim and then if you are successful your loan can be refunded to Studylink.


Once your fees are paid and you're fully enrolled, you will receive a 'Welcome to UC' email and an 'Activate your UC IT Account' email with details of your next steps.  Find out more about the many services, resources, and support available to you as a student at UC.


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