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3. Apply in myUC

15 August 2023

All students apply to enrol via the online student portal, myUC. You will need to provide personal details in your application, such as your citizenship category, legal name, date of birth, contact details, and academic history, as well as which qualification you intend to study at UC. 


Create an account in myUC

If you are new to UC, you will need to create a myUC account and provide some details about yourself to build your profile (eg, your date of birth, legal name, contact details, education history, learning needs, NSN, and a scan of your passport or birth certificate). 


TIP: If you're in your last year of secondary school when you create your myUC account, don't use your school email address as you won't be able to access it when you finish school. 

You're also advised not to use a family email address that has been used by another family member to create a myUC account.


Apply to enrol

Log in to myUC and start a new application for your preferred qualification. Follow the prompts to complete all necessary fields and submit your application.  

If you are new to UC, you are advised to submit your application by 8 December to ensure there is enough time for it to be processed. Continuing students should have their applications to re-enrol submitted by 10 January.  Be aware of any earlier application deadlines for your qualification(s) and course(s). 


TIP: You can submit your application without choosing your courses. Courses can be added to your application from 1 October every year for the following year of study. 



Extra information

You may be required to provide additional information as part of your application. Some qualifications have an extra application form, or extra documentation requirements such as a CV, referee reports, academic transcripts, and police checks. 

Check if your chosen qualification requires an extra application form or additional documentation.

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