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5. Accept your Enrolment Agreement

15 August 2023

You will receive an Enrolment Agreement once your application for study at UC has been approved. 


Accept your Enrolment Agreement in myUC

You will receive an Enrolment Agreement if you are assessed as being eligible for admission to the University, to your chosen qualification, and to the courses you have selected. 


TIP: For school-leavers, this is normally done once your secondary school results (NCEA, IB, CIE etc) are available - and only if you have courses added to your application.


The Enrolment Agreement outlines which courses you are approved to study and lists the associated tuition fees, SSL, and any other course-associated costs to be paid. 

 It also includes the Student Agreement which details both UC's obligations and your obligations as a student. Signing the Enrolment Agreement means you agree to the statutes, regulations, rules and policies as outlined in the Student Agreement. 


TIP: Accept your Enrolment Agreement BEFORE the Official Course Start Date to avoid a Late Enrolment Fee ($137 in 2023, $150 in 2024). 

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