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2. Get prepared

15 August 2023

Prepare the documentation needed for your application to enrol and apply for funding and accommodation by the relevant deadlines.


Check for application deadlines

Check if any of the qualifications or courses you are interested in have an early closing date, an additional application form, and/or Limited Entry

Check the application deadlines for scholarships and accommodation such as the Halls of Residence


Get your documentation ready

If you have studied in NZ and are new to UC, have your NSN (National Student Number) ready to include in your application. 


Prepare a high-resolution scan of the photo page of your passport or of your birth certificate to upload as part of your application. This may need to be certified by the Enrolments team later. This may need to be certified later - find out how.


TIP: Create a RealMe account if you're planning to apply for a student loan or allowance with StudyLink - it can take some time to get set up, but makes things easier once you've got it. 


If you are planning to use Fees Free and your Fees Free eligibility is not confirmed, you will need to sign a Statutory Declaration and have it certified by a JP. Have this sorted early so it doesn't stop you from completing your enrolment later.


Apply for funding and accommodation

Apply for your student loan if you are planning to use one, or check if you are eligible for Fees Free. Complete your application for any scholarships you are interested in, and for your preferred Scholarships


Plan your courses

Check if there are any compulsory courses for your chosen qualification and which courses you need to progress (for example in your major) to the following year of study. 

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