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Master's degree

Master of Counselling

03 October 2023

Study a Master of Counselling through Te Kaupeka Oranga | Faculty of Health at the University of Canterbury.


Master of Counselling

Degree Structure - Duration
2–4 years full-time


Master of Counselling

Degree Structure - Start In
Semester 1 (February)




2024 tuition fees estimate per 120 points:

  • Domestic — $18,052
  • International — $84,400


Master of Counselling


The Master of Counselling gives you the opportunity to extend your theoretical grounding and professional skills to work as a counsellor in a variety of settings. You will be trained to identify systematic, effective ways to help clients find simple, acceptable solutions to their current concerns and problems.

The MCouns consists of 240 points of study, taken as a combination of practical and theory courses.

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Master of Counselling

Entry Requirements - Body

Entry requirements

Anyone wishing to enrol in the MCouns must have qualified for one of the following:

  • a degree from Aotearoa New Zealand with either acquired experience in counselling, teaching, nursing, social work, or an equivalent profession, or been deemed suitable for training as a counsellor; or
  • other approved qualifications of an equivalent standard.

If English is your additional language, you are also required to meet UC's English language requirements.

Selection will be based on academic attainment and other criteria, which will include an interview for admission to the professional counselling practice course (COUN675 Professional Counselling Practice I). The relevance and standard of previous studies and any subsequent professional work experience are the main criteria of approval. You will normally be expected to have at least a B Grade Point Average in your 300-level courses. You must also be vetted by police.

To apply, you will need to complete an application form – see 'How to Apply' below.

For the full entry requirements, see the Regulations for the Master of Counselling or use the admission requirements checker.

Vaccines required

Students are advised that enrolment in some courses and access to health care agencies for clinical, research, or work integrated learning requires compliance with Ministry of Health and agency requirements regarding vaccination and/or health screening. As these requirements are subject to change, updates and information will be provided on or during enrolment in specific courses.

How to apply

Entry to the Counselling programme is limited – applications close 1 October.

Contact Te Kaupeka Oranga | Faculty of Health for details of entry requirements, application forms, and start dates.

Find out more about how to apply for graduate and postgraduate qualifications.

Master of Counselling

Subjects and Courses - Body

Subjects and courses

Part I

Note that COUN672 and COUN675 are limited entry courses.

You will normally need to have achieved Part I with a B Grade Point Average or better to proceed onto Part II.

Research Methods course

In either Part I or II, you will also need to complete:

Or another approved research methods course of at least 15 points.

Master of Counselling

Career - Body

Career opportunities

Postgraduate study can bring many career benefits eg, specialist skills and enhanced knowledge, entry into specific occupations, higher starting salary/progression rates, research capability/achievement, and evidence of high academic attainment/self-discipline.

Useful information:

2024 tuition fees estimate (per 120 points):

  • Domestic — $18,052
  • International — $84,400

2023 tuition fees estimate (per 120 points):

  • Domestic — $8,636
  • International — $41,000

SSL estimate (per 120 points):

  • 2024 — $1,100.40
  • 2023 — $992.40

Planning my study

Master of Counselling

Degree Structure - Body

How do I plan my degree?

The MCouns consists of two parts.

Part I includes four compulsory courses, which involves up to 70 hours of supervised clinical practice.

Part II includes a practical course (with up to 300 hours of counselling experience), and either a research course or selection of coursework.

In either Parts, you will also complete one other course in research methods.

The minimum period of enrolment for a full-time student is 2 consecutive years; the maximum period is 4 years. The minimum period of enrolment for a part-time student is 4 consecutive years; the maximum period is 6 years.

For full requirements, see the Regulations for the Master of Counselling.


Postgraduate Prospectus 2024

Whakatairanga Tāura

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