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What can I do with a degree in Marketing?

17 August 2023

Whether you want to be a Marketing Manager or a Brand Executive, see what you can do with a degree in Marketing from UC.


Marketing is concerned with the analysis of customer needs and securing information needed to design and produce goods or services that match buyer expectations. Strategic research methods, advertising and promotion, merchandising, sales, and management of products and services are utilised in the process, which applies to profit-oriented firms as well as not-for-profit organisations. The skills gained at UC are relevant globally.

By majoring in Marketing, graduates develop a valuable set of skills that are transferable to a range of careers. These skills include:

  • Market analysis skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Critical and strategic thinking
  • Interpretive and analytical thinking
  • Research design and data collection skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Logical and quantitative thinking
  • Practical application of knowledge
  • Public speaking.

Opportunities to apply your learning outside the classroom are available in this major through internships, competitions, and international study tours. These experiences deepen your skillset, awareness of others, working knowledge, and employability.

Marketing graduates work in almost any sector due to the skills they offer. Many organisations place a high value on people who have advanced business and communication skills. Recent UC graduates have been employed in :

  • Advertising, marketing and PR agencies eg, DDB New Zealand, Ogilvy & Mather, Harvey Cameron, New Zealand Media and Entertainment
  • Banking, finance and insurance institutions eg, ASB, Westpac, Deloitte, IAG
  • Computer and software industries eg, Hewlett Packard, Jade Software, Shuttlerock
  • Retail eg, Progressive Enterprises, The Warehouse, Stirling Sports, Farmers, Tesco
  • Agricultural sectors eg, Synlait, Farmlands
  • Travel and tourism eg, Hertz, Christchurch International Airport, Destination Wairarapa, Virgin Australia, Intercontinental Hotels Group
  • Healthcare eg, Ryman Healthcare, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
  • Not-for-profits eg, New Zealand Cancer Society
  • Educational institutions eg, Ara Institute, UC Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • Private companies in market research, legal, telecommunications, technology, household goods, real estate, leisure, and fashion sectors
  • Organisations in other countries eg, Australia, China, Canada, Scotland, the United Kingdom.

Graduates with this degree are employed in a range of jobs — see some examples below.

Note: Some of the jobs listed may require postgraduate study. See the ‘Further study’ section.

Marketing officer / manager

  • Collects and analyses market insight
  • Prepares and implements marketing plans
  • Works with others to promote goods or services

Marketing assistant

  • Assists in implementing the marketing plan
  • Coordinates and produces promotions/collateral
  • Liaises with groups eg, via events, social media

Digital marketing executive, digital content advisor

  • Develops a brand’s communications strategy and online presence
  • Increases web traffic and digital engagement
  • Oversees digital marketing and online search

Business development executive, sales coordinator, account manager

  • Identifies and develops new markets or business
  • Manages client relationships
  • Implements sales and marketing strategies

Communications advisor / executive

  • Develops information, media and communication strategies
  • Researches, writes, edits and produces content

Market / business analyst

  • Evaluates an organisation’s marketing and business requirements
  • Analyses the competition, audiences, and prices
  • Recommends strategies to increase profit

Customer / client services officer

  • Provides information or advice to people
  • Uses knowledge to attract customers
  • Starts the next steps in the process

Brand manager / executive

  • Creates branding for new products or services
  • Upholds corporate brand profile eg, advertising
  • Researches consumer markets and interests

Event manager

  • Develops and plans concepts for events
  • Manages the event budget
  • Promotes and implements an event

Public relations officer, media assistant

  • Manages a client’s reputation
  • Liaises with and provides information for media
  • Organises and manages events

Purchasing / supply officer

  • Investigates staff and business needs
  • Identifies new suppliers and negotiates prices
  • Purchases and distributes goods and services

Entrepreneur and CEO

  • Develops an idea to form their own business
  • Gets involved in a start-up
  • Offers their services as a consultant

Get started with Entrepreneurship here.

As they progress in their studies and into a career, our students and graduates often join professional bodies specific to their area of interest. These organisations offer graduates the opportunity to network and collaborate with others within the same community. Other relevant organisations are also listed.

Social media networks, such as LinkedIn (including LinkedIn groups), Facebook and Twitter can provide avenues for students and graduates to keep up-to-date with current industry knowledge and ‘best practice’, networking opportunities, industry-related events and job vacancies.

What can I do with a degree in Marketing?

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