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Student story

Hannah Williams

20 July 2023

"The overall best part of the project was having experience in the workforce before graduating..."


Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Management

Human Resources Administration Assistant

After studies at high school exploring running a business, Hannah decided on a managerial focus with her triple-major BCom degree at UC.

Hannah's study was given real-world context through an Intern Consulting Project in her final year.

"UC is a great university that offers students various opportunities that should be taken all the time. The environment and culture that UC has is very welcoming, and this has made my university years so much more enjoyable," she says.

The aim of her project was to review the current induction and orientation programmes for the organisation's new staff, as well as looking at options for a new staff Intranet website, recommending ways to improve these and make them more engaging. 

Having the opportunity to directly apply her studies in a company's actual HR processes was an amazing way to develop Hannah's professional skills, and to get an idea of what to expect working in an organisation.

"The knowledge and skills that I have learnt through these courses have been applied throughout the entire project and in various forms," she says. "I have gained contacts within and outside of UC, been able to apply theories and models to real-life situations, and implement new ways of thinking."

At the end of her project Hannah presented her recommendations to the organisation's HR team. The results were used for revising and updating the new-staff programmes, which has given her "a great sense of accomplishment and achievement" after all of her efforts.

"I gained a lot of confidence as the project was purely self-directed, meaning that I had to be prepared for all possible outcomes. I also learnt that time management is very important in organisations and this is particularly important when the project is independently managed.  

"The overall best part of the project was having experience in the workforce before graduating. This is an invaluable experience that gave me the chance to work in a field that I want to specialise further in."

Now graduated, Hannah was gone straight into an HR role, which she attributes to her internship experience.

"Without having the experience of my project, I wouldn't have this job behind me and I wouldn't be learning more aspects of HR daily," she says. "The role I am in is a perfect first job out of UC as I am learning all of the different aspects of HR and how they apply to an organisation."

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