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Student story

Emily Schleuss

20 July 2023

"It was amazing to get to learn things from the European perspective..."


Certificate in Science

Studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Management, with a minor in Finance

What motivated you to embark on a Virtual Exchange?

I was motivated to undertake the virtual exchange because it made the dream of doing an exchange while studying so much more achievable; as it was virtual, so many of the usual hurdles like living and travel costs to another country disappear. Plus, the course “Doing Business in Europe” with the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management (Germany) sounded highly interesting, especially given the current global environment.

What were some of the memorable moments of your virtual exchange experience?

A highlight of the virtual exchange was the opportunity to be taught by world-class lecturers with other specialities, experiences, perspectives, and styles to those at UC. It was amazing to get to learn things from the European perspective, which is completely different from the Kiwi one, due to the many vast differences between New Zealand and Germany. As well as the incredible experience, getting credit towards my degree at UC and only paying UC fees, what’s not to like?

What was different about studying a virtual exchange?

The virtual exchange was a great experience. Though there were some late nights due to the time difference, it was great to get to learn from international lecturers about topics that might otherwise not have been incorporated into my degree, and work with other students from different universities and countries.

What was it like to engage with lecturers and students from across the globe?

I had the opportunity to work with students and teachers from all over the world. The programme was offered to students studying at New Zealand or Australian universities, but a few of them were actually from other countries as well and just studying in New Zealand or Australia. The teachers also had diverse background and experiences.

Did the virtual exchange enrich your UC experience?

The virtual exchange enhanced my UC experience by adding teachings in topics that were not initially part of my degree, as well as providing other experiences such as getting to work with people in other countries.

Any tips for other students thinking about virtual exchange?

I enjoyed my virtual exchange so much! I would absolutely recommend undertaking a virtual exchange. It is so much more accessible than an in-person exchange and opens the door to a world of possibilities and experiences.

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