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Student story

Elizabeth Peters

20 July 2023

"Business is central to so many areas of life..."N


Bachelor of Commerce in Management and Marketing

As someone who places a lot of importance on people and wellbeing, Elizabeth’s BCom studies reflect her high school interest in accounting and the human side of business.

“I enjoy learning more about the world around me. As business is central to so many areas of life, I appreciate seeing the systems and structures that make the difference between a surviving business and a thriving business. I also enjoy the human aspects of business, learning about what motivates and influences people in the decisions they make,” she says.

Choosing to complete her studies with UC meant she could also continue her youth work in the local area, leading youth activities and doing volunteer work with a charity.

“I enjoy the culture around campus, and the values it supports. It was one of the top universities in New Zealand and it was close to home so I could still be involved in my community.”

The support she has received led to a Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Award, recognising her capabilities beyond study and coursework.

Elizabeth completed an internship with PGG Wrightson, in their Health, Safety and Capability team.

“The project was to improve the current health and safety training system by evaluating the current needs of each role-level. The analysis identified whether subjects are core (compulsory to everyone in a role-level), common to an operating group or business unit(s), or specific to role type and job. The information can be used with an online learning management platform to manage the ongoing training for individuals, teams and groups.

“Through this project, I have developed my communication skills, and my knowledge of H&S in a large organisation. I have learnt that organisations are more complex than what we learn about in lectures.”

The experience has led Elizabeth towards a career goal that combines her personal values with her business skills.

“I want to use the knowledge I have gained from my studies to work with a Fairtrade business that works to free those that have been sold as slaves into the sex trafficking industry by offering them employment, giving them hope and a future.”

Elizabeth’s advice is to use your interests to decide on your study options.

“Follow your passions, find what interests you and want to learn more about. This will make you more motivated to delve into your study,’ she says. ‘Also, it’s okay to not have a life plan with every subject of your degree and all your future jobs mapped out. A plan will develop over time, you never know what course may inspire you to explore further.”

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