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Student story

Muhammad Haziq Bin Mohd Hizamri

20 July 2023

"Everyone here is so kind and positive all of the time..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Marketing

Having arrived to New Zealand to continue his business studies from Malaysia, Haziq says that "Christchurch is like a home" because of how "everyone here is so kind and positive all of the time". 

Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Haziq completed his secondary schooling at Mahsa College before applying to UC with the support of Selset Education agency. 

When asked about his choice to come to New Zealand, Haziq says the study environment at UC has helped him settle in comfortably into university life. 

"I prefer to study and live in a peaceful environment. Since New Zealand is one of the most serene countries in the world, it motivated me to study here," he says.

"The lecturers are flexible, and most importantly are always ready to help with questions or doubts that I may have. I advise future students to always focus in class, revise your lecture notes, and most importantly ask your lecturers when you don't know. 

"I've also made some great friends here! I've participated in Canterbury Malaysian Students' Association (CSMA) and the University of Canterbury Muslim Students Association (UC MUSA). These two clubs are currently the best clubs I am a part of right now. I am always enthusiastic whenever they organise events and they provide awesome activities for their members to enjoy. When I am not studying, I play sports to keep body fit."

UC's wide range of support services has helped Haziq when he was in need of help. 

"When I was injured from a torn hand and broken teeth, the staff at the UC Health Centre were really helpful and kind. They will help every student who needs a lending hand."  

Haziq flats at Ilam Apartments student accommodation, which has helped him ease into university life as a new student. 

"Ilam Apartments is convenient as it is really close to the University. Best of all, it has helped me meet a lot of other students from all over the world."

Haziq's Economics and Marketing studies were chosen to "provide valuable knowledge for making wise decisions in everyday life". After completing his degree, Haziq plans to enter the professional field by pursuing master's studies.  

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