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Student story

Kaitlyn White

20 July 2023

"Regardless of what you do, you'll be supported..."


Bachelor of Laws with Honours and a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Management

It sounds like you're a busy person around campus. What have you been up to?

I’ve been involved in UN Youth, Young Labour, the UC Women in Law Society and last year I set up ‘Thursdays in Black’ on campus as it’s a movement that’s been growing around the country. It’s about ending violence but we’re taking a really positive, fun approach. Through that I was able to work as a field officer in different tertiary communities in 2017 which was a great experience. I’m getting to a stage now where volunteer opportunities are starting to turn into jobs.

How do those experiences help with your studies?

With commerce in particular I can apply things straightaway. At one point I needed to hire an employee for the Youth Council and at the same time I was doing a human resources paper. I was able to apply my knowledge from the course, and at the same time get hands-on experience that helped me with the paper. So they both feed into each other.

And how do they help you as a person?

They give me real life insight. By having a broad range of experiences I get to see all different sides of what a career could look like.

Is UC quite a community oriented place?

Totally and utterly. People don't just come here to study. They come here because they want to make a positive impact in other areas as well. It’s become an expectation, in the best possible way.

How would you describe the overall atmosphere?

Vibrant, relaxed and supportive. We’re here to succeed together and celebrate each other's achievements. One of my favourite things about UC is that regardless of what you do, you'll be supported.

What qualities is UC nurturing in you?

Leadership, community awareness and integrity. The fact that you’re truly part of something and giving it your all means it's not all just about you and your CV. It's about doing something to help.

Would you like to achieve in your future?

I want to be in a role that contributes to the community in some way. I’d like to be a lawyer because it’s helpful and there's lots of problem-solving which appeals to me. My overall dream is to be a judge one day. That’s how I’d like to make my personal impact.

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