Qualifications from the Faculty of Engineering

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Te Kaupeka Pūhanga | Faculty of Engineering offers a range of qualifications at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. 

UC's Diploma in Global Humanitarian Engineering is taken in parallel with the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours degree. It is an additional qualification that can be completed in the same time it takes to complete a four-year BE(Hons) degree.

The BE(Hons) is a four-year professional degree which starts with the Engineering First Year followed by three years in a choice of nine disciplines. Entry into the Second Year is competitive and based on your GPA. See the BE(Hons) regulations for detailed requirements. 

The Bachelor of Product Design is a three-year degree with a choice of three majors: Industrial Product Design, Applied Immersive Game Design and Chemical Formulation Design.

The Bachelor of Forestry Science is a four-year degree that includes a large amount of field work and prepares graduates for managing forest resources by combining the study of core science courses with management, commerce, and technologies.


The Postgraduate Certificate in Engineering caters for professional engineers seeking advanced technical training or students looking for a one-year advanced qualification.

The College of Engineering offers block courses as part of the Certificate of Proficiency. See also Professional Development.

Graduates with a first professional qualification may study for a Masters degree endorsed in a specialist field. Study consists of coursework and a written thesis.

UC also offers applied or specialist Masters courses in the following subjects:

Doctor of Philosophy or PhD involves extensive, sustained and original research and study in a subject of your choice, with the results being presented in a thesis which will contribute to intellectual knowledge of the field. It is normally the highest academic qualification available and is a mark of intellectual ability, self-discipline and commitment.

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