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Student story

Boris van Bruchem

20 July 2023

"What really appealed to me was the balance between outdoor and indoor work..."


Bachelor of Forestry Science

The prospect of being a part of the forestry industry and following his passions for the environment led Boris to UC’s Forestry Science degree.

"What really appealed to me was the balance between outdoor and indoor work. Completing work in the office and then also going to forest operations to manage and work strikes a nice balance between working inside and in the field," he says.

Having always been keen on science and the great outdoors, Boris found the idea of a career in the forestry industry to be exactly what he was looking for.

Boris began his studies with both an SCFNZ Ltd Scholarship and a UC School of Forestry High Achievers Award in recognition of his potential in forestry studies, and an Emerging Leaders Development Programme (ELDP) Scholarship to help hone his leadership abilities.

He found the degree programme and forestry community at UC to be supportive and highly industry-focused, with lots of field and work placement opportunities for students to explore their particular niche interests in forestry.

"I love the balance between theoretical and hands on practical work. Forestry science combines science with management, commerce, and technology, which are all aspects that really interest me. I also like that the degree doesn’t restrict you, as it remains broad while still being very relevant to the forestry industry.

"The small class sizes make Forestry very appealing. All of the students know each other and the lecturers know everyone personally too, which is really nice. FORSOC is also a great club where you can meet new people studying Forestry Science and is definitely worth joining."

Boris went on to earn a new Wood Industry Development and Education (WIDE) Trust scholarship to support his endeavours in forestry and wood science research.

Easily his biggest highlight from study however was going on an exchange to University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, to experience the industry in other parts of the globe.

"I absolutely loved it! I had never been to North America, so it was a tremendous opportunity. I spent a semester there, learning about Forestry Science from a Canadian perspective, which was very valuable. In my free time I made sure to see as much as I could, regularly going skiing and hiking. British Columbia is very beautiful and I was very fortunate to have spent five months there.

"I would definitely recommend students to look into doing an exchange. It is a great way to see the world, meet new people, and study towards your degree."

When not out exploring the natural world, Boris is a keen rugby player and a New Zealand representative in Korfball, and also enjoys making music on the side.

As for his future goals, Boris is looking forward to launching his forestry career in New Zealand or overseas.

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