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27 February 2024

ENGME! is a student-led, faculty-enabled mentoring scheme, which provides peer mentoring for all first-year engineering and product design students.



ENGME! Mentors provide group mentoring to engineering students in their first year of study at UC, offering direction, encouragement, motivation, and friendship through weekly contact for the first ten teaching weeks of semester 1.


Hours involved in the activity

For every 12 hours of active learning, you can claim recognition for one skill and one attribute. NB: opportunities only exist to develop the skills and attributes specified for this activity in the grey areas of the table below. For this activity, you can claim a maximum of three learning and development outcomes.


Eligibility/Selection Criteria

ENGME! Mentors are advancing UC Professional year engineering students with experience and understanding of university life and life in the Faculty of Engineering. They must have sound interpersonal and time-management skills.


Training Provided

ENGME! Mentors attend an initial training session and regular debrief sessions with the ENGME! leadership team of senior mentors.



Daniel van der Walt


Work readiness skill/Graduate attribute

By actively engaging in this activity, you can claim against the pre-determined intersection points detailed below. You should reflect on your experience and select the WRS/GA intersection point(s) that best represents your learning outcome.

ENGME! Mentor Application

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