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Student story

Jack Zhicheng Gao

20 July 2023

"I enjoy the realisation of how beautiful the balance between the environment and forestry can be..."


Bachelor of Forestry Science

Jack was looking to contribute to a sustainable future in forestry resources when he began his Forestry Science degree at UC.

Originally from China, Jack found New Zealand to be an ideal environment to study the natural world and the forestry industry, as one of its main export earners.

He began his studies at UC International College, and found the staff "friendly and helpful" in supporting his preparation for studies at UC and life in a new country.

"UC provides great opportunities for students from all around the world, I can not only study there but also experience the beauty of the fusion of multiple cultures," he says.

Within the degree, Jack was able to go on a number of field trips and work placements due to its focus on building work-ready skills.

"This is a very hard but very interesting subject, it can broaden your vision of both the future and current level of relationships between industry, economics, society, and the environment," he says. "The School will equip you with the ability to help with the management of all parties" interests and achieve a delicate balance between them, meanwhile achieving a considerable amount of profit, which is very practical and enjoyable." 

An internship in his final year, placed with Woodlands Pacific Consulting in Rotorua, gave him real-world experience surveying and auditing nursery plots, data gathering, and helping plan for a forest inspection programme.

"Internships can be challenging but are a good experience," he says. "I enjoy the realisation of how beautiful the balance between the environment and forestry can be and applying my knowledge to achieve a better future for our society."

Jack"s ongoing goals following study is to become a forest manager, and support the balance of industry operation and economics with available forestry resources.

"Finally, I want to be able help with the forest sector in developing countries," he says.

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