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Student story

Jackson Godfrey

18 December 2023

Jackson is studying towards an ME degree in the field of Wireless Networking.


ME Student


Jackson is studying towards an ME degree in the field of Wireless Networking. His thesis is titled Link Optimisation for Mission Critical Wireless Communication Networks.  The goal of Jackson’s research is to design application-layer coding techniques to improve the reliability of multicast data transfer in mission-critical wireless networks.

Jackson’s research will include a survey of one-to-many data transfer methods, analysis of mission-critical wireless communication network characteristics and requirements, and the design, implementation, and verification of coding techniques for increased reliability.

This research is under the supervision of Prof Philippa Martin, Dr Graeme Woodward and A/Prof Barry Wu. In addition, financial assistance has been provided by Tait Communications under the Tait Communications Research Scholarship.

Jackson has previous experience working with the Wireless Research Centre and Scion. In 2019 he contributed towards the design of a passive harmonic radar system for tracking insects. His work comprised of computer simulations of antennas in the frequency domain, with emphasis on the electromagnetic behaviour of different antenna designs.


A. Lavrenko, J, Godfrey, and P. Lawson, “Evaluation of an Off-Centre Fed Dipole Antenna in Passive Harmonic Tags,” presented at the 4th Australian Microwave Symposium, Sydney, Australia, 2020.

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