Student advice

The Student Advisors in the College of Arts can help with degree planning and special applications.

How we can help

Contact us for advice about any of the following degrees and qualifications:

NB: For advice on other degrees, please contact the appropriate College or Board.

We can offer advice about

  • Degree planning, including double degrees and double majors
  • Explaining your course options
  • Semester planning (e.g., work load)
  • Understanding the University Calendar and degree regulations
  • Advice on eligibility to graduate
  • Transfer of credits from other New Zealand tertiary institutions
  • Permissions to take courses elsewhere for credit to a UC degree
  • Cross-crediting between several undergraduate degrees
  • Transferring between degrees
  • Approval of entry to courses and degrees
  • Exemptions, such as waivers of pre-requisites or core-requirements
  • Withdrawal from courses
  • Suspensions
  • Extensions
  • Part-time enrolment at Master's level
  • Appeals

Where else can you find assistance?

For various other student services please see the Current Students website.

The individual Departments and Schools within the College of Arts can answer questions about course selection and can offer advice about course suitability. We can help you with the level of courses and the number of points you are required to take in order to qualify at the end of your studies.

Need advice, information or an appointment? 

Contact us

Email a College of Arts Student Advisor at 
Call the College of Arts at +6433693377

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