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Student story

Minh Hoang (Roger) Phan

31 August 2023

"UC courses include a lot of group projects, and most of them simulate office work...”

Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems with a minor in Entrepreneurship
Data Analyst, Pulse Energy Alliance

Originally from Hanoi, Vietnam, Roger is an accomplished graduate student who recently completed his Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems here at UC. With a keen interest in data analysis and a passion for leveraging technology to drive business success, Roger has proven himself to be an exceptional individual throughout his academic journey.

Roger's decision to study at UC was driven by the University's strong reputation for delivering excellent education and providing numerous opportunities for growth. UC's cutting-edge campus facilities and wide range of majors and activities further cemented his choice.

Roger was particularly drawn to the Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems programme, as it perfectly aligned with his passion for data analysis and its practical application in the business world.

One of the highlights of Roger's experience at UC has been the supportive staff who have played a crucial role in his academic journey. The lecturers have proven to be approachable, always willing to address his queries and provide guidance. Roger acknowledges the invaluable support he also received from the International Office, which helped him navigate the challenges of being an international student.

As a graduate in Information Systems, Roger offers valuable advice to students considering this field of study. He emphasises the importance of developing technical skills, particularly in data management and analysis tools such as Excel and MySQL. Furthermore, he highlights the significance of understanding business concepts, as a strong grasp of both technical and business aspects is essential for success in the field. Roger's guidance encourages prospective students to focus on nurturing these skills to thrive in their future careers.

Roger reflects positively on his life as an international student in New Zealand. He found accommodation near the University and appreciated the affordable rent in Christchurch. The peaceful environment of New Zealand allowed him to concentrate fully on his studies without distractions.

To newcomers, Roger recommends seeking help from supportive staff members who are always eager to assist. Additionally, he emphasises the importance of building a network of friends, as it enriches the university experience and opens doors for future opportunities.

Following his graduation from UC, Roger secured employment as a Data Analyst at Pulse Energy Alliance LP in Auckland, New Zealand. In his role, he analyses business processes, designs and enhances reports, and provides critical insights to management. Roger aims to gain further experience and skills in his current position, with long-term aspirations of starting his own successful business. He envisions himself pursuing higher education, such as an MBA, to enhance his entrepreneurial acumen.

Roger encourages UC students to dedicate time outside of their academic work to develop skills that support their future careers. By proactively seeking opportunities to enhance their skillsets, students can position themselves for success in their chosen fields. 

Roger Phan's journey highlights his dedication, drive, and ambition. His passion for data analysis, commitment to community building, and entrepreneurial mindset position him as a future leader in the field.

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