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Student story

Maryam Binti Zainuddin

07 December 2023

Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, with a minor in Finance


Why did you decide to come to UC? 

UC is the only uni that offers a pathway to a professional accounting paper that I plan to pursue. Having a central campus is also important because it makes me feel safe and also like I’m having a real uni experience.

I’d also heard from seniors and alumni who told me that to get the true New Zealand experience, you have to go to UC.

What makes the education at UC stand out? 

UC values learning outside of the classroom, fostered by events like professional talks and competitions. I get to put into practice and apply what I’m learning in classes.

I also love that the lecturers are very understanding and helpful, and that my workload is manageable. The structure of the courses doesn’t burden students but rather stimulates and supports our understanding.

What is the support like for international students at UC Business School? 

The UC Business School Internationalisation Team organises events for us to mingle and network. It helps you connect with students from other countries.

They also have catch up sessions to check in and see how we’re doing, what our plans are. They want to help us achieve our goals. For example, they’ll assist you in organising your semester by telling you which subjects go well together and which subjects are available in that semester.

What do you like most about life at UC? 

The ease with which I can manage my work-life balance gives me the experience that I wanted – to study in an environment where I don’t feel stressed but can also move forward. I get a lot of chances to be involved in the community through clubs and non-profit organisations. It allows me to make connections while contributing to the community.

How do you find life in Christchurch? 

It’s very peaceful. I come from a big city, so the slower pace of life is very refreshing. Living here has helped me realise you can still progress and grow in a quieter environment. The city is also surrounded by nature, so I get to spend weekends going on picnics with friends or enjoying kayaking on the river.

Are you involved in any clubs? 

I’m in 180 Degrees Consulting, where we work with not-for-profits to consult them on their issues. We have client meetings and mentors from the professional industry. I’ve met incredible people; they’re so helpful and nice. My team helps me see things from different perspectives because we all come from different backgrounds. It’s an amazing experience and great preparation for my future career.

From a career development perspective, why is Christchurch a good place to study

There are many internship opportunities here. In the bigger cities, you’re working in a bigger team, so you won’t be making as strong connections as you do in smaller cities. Here, you’ll know the whole office. I’m a people person, so I’m all about making connections. Christchurch is the place for that. And the city is very involved with the community, so it gives you a sense of belonging.

What benefits does your part-time job provide you?

Working while studying helps boost my confidence and improve my communication skills. Through working, I can practice my English language comprehension and connect with people. And working across different brands in my retail position lets me learn more about marketing and how to sell a product. They’re great skills to put in a CV.

Would you recommend UC to other international students? 

Of course I would! UC has a very active club scene, so you can choose where you want to focus your time. Christchurch and New Zealand are very peaceful, which makes the UC experience very pleasant. You can actually enjoy studying. And there’s a better quality cost of living in Christchurch, so you can find an affordable, comfortable home.

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