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Student story

Qiongyang (Jenny) Jin

07 December 2023

Master of Business in Marketing 


What do you like most about UC?  

I love the range of support services. No matter the problem, whatever you need, there’s always a dedicated department to provide assistance. The central library on campus has really friendly staff, and they’ll refer you to someone that can help with your issue. 

What is the education like at UC?  

UC’s lectures are very high quality, and you learn more than just the academics. There are so many opportunities for connections with the industry, and you can apply what you learn at the lectures to the real world. We have entrepreneurs and industry professionals as guest speakers, and they provide insight into the market.  

How do you find UC’s academic staff?  

They’re all very kind and supportive. As an international student, when I first arrived in New Zealand, I wasn't confident in my English. So sometimes I feel nervous to speak to my lecturers, but they are very patient and helpful.

Some lecturers also use their personal network to help you make industry connections. And you feel comfortable talking to them even with issues beyond the classroom. They’re like friends! 

What is the international student support like at UC Business School?   

UC Business School regularly arranges events to gather us together so we can meet new friends and share our experiences. They also check in to see how we’re doing and ask if we need help with anything. They make us feel welcome and supported, like a family. It’s important to have a group where you feel safe.  

How do you find life in Christchurch?  

I think Christchurch is the best city in New Zealand. I like the pace of life here, it’s slower with a good work-life balance. It’s peaceful, and there’s beautiful scenery - you can walk through the Botanic Gardens or hike in the hills. I really enjoy life here. It’s a good place to live! 

Are you involved in any clubs at UC?  

I’m vice president of the Global China Connection Canterbury (GCC), where we share our culture and help other students interested in pursuing a career in China. It’s a good opportunity for me because I learn a lot about how business and other things work in New Zealand through organising the events. I can directly apply things I learn in my courses. 

Have you taken part in any internships at UC? 

As part of my studies, I’m currently doing an internship course where I work with UC Business School Internationalisation Team to run their social media platform for Little Red Book (Chinese social media). I help with content creation and increasing awareness around UC Business School.  

How does your part-time work benefit you?  

I work as a marketing and sales coordinator for a local company. I got the job from a connection I made through a summer micro internship from UC Business School. It’s good to have work experience in New Zealand because I’d like to work here after graduation, so it will help me build a future career.  

Would you recommend UC to other international students?  

Yes, definitely! UC always gives you more than you expect. It’s more than just a degree – it’s a great experience. It’s not only career development, but also your personal development. I feel like I’ve grown as a person, and I’ve learned how to build connections with people from different cultures, on both a professional and personal level. 

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