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Student story

Aida Nordin

07 December 2023

Master of Business Administration


Why did you choose to come to UC? 

I’d visited New Zealand on holiday years ago and loved it so much that I always wanted to return, so I decided to pursue my MBA here. I wanted to study in a city, but also somewhere peaceful, and Christchurch fit both those criteria. When I saw UC’s beautiful campus with the cherry blossoms, I was drawn to it.

What are the academic staff at UC like? 

They are amazing. The MBA here is a very hands-on, discussion-based experience, and the professors try to provoke more creative thoughts and thinking. It’s opened my eyes and broadened my perspective. The professors here are experts in their field, and they’re very open to us challenging the status quo.

What do you like about your studies at UC? 

The courses offered at UC were another major factor in my choosing to study here. UC offers a range of courses you don’t see at other unis. There’s also a consulting project at the end of the semester, and that’s what really interested me. I’m very project-oriented, so doing projects for a company makes me feel fulfilled.

What is the support like for international students at UC Business School? 

It’s been great. The MBA Internationalisation Lead has regular meetings with all the MBA international students to get feedback, find out how we’re adjusting, and see what support we need.

The UC Careers centre has also been really helpful in helping me convert my Malaysian CV into the New Zealand format, and guiding me with my job hunting journey.

How do you find life in New Zealand? 

Life here is very easy going. It’s so peaceful, I really don’t feel much stress. When assignments get too much, it’s easy to get out into nature and unwind.

The people here are very friendly. My husband loves his experiences with the locals. He feels so welcome, and he’s having a great time here as well.

What do you get up to when you are not studying? 

I like to relax at home, but I also enjoy going out for a walk and hiking with my husband and friends, especially in Lyttelton. My husband and I also love going to Tekapo and hiking in the Hooker Valley. Last time we went, it had just snowed and was so beautiful. We’re planning to go back!

How well do you think your degree is preparing you for your future career?

Very well! There are a lot of initiatives planned specifically for MBA students. The programme organises a lot of info sessions with industry experts. It’s super helpful in terms of making connections and learning about the ins and outs of leading or being a director. The MBA students get to become a member of Institute of Directors, which is a great opportunity for those who want to be a director or learn about the governance of a company or organisation.

Do you work part-time while studying?

I work part-time as a research assistant, researching whether the government policies are helping small to medium businesses during covid and if they’re helping them sustain in the future for other impacts that may happen. We have a team from other universities world-wide. I find it very insightful to learn about other countries. It benefits me a lot because it relates to my MBA; sustainability and perseverance are important to my future career.

Would you recommend UC to other international students? 

Yes! There’s just nothing bad to say about New Zealand or UC. I think UC is the best because there’s so much information available here and you have ample resources and opportunities.  It’s great if you want to stay agile, be ahead of the crowd, and know a lot about what’s going on with technology.

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