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Access to exam scripts

06 September 2023

Find out about access to exam scripts, how to view them and get copies.


Access to your examination scripts

Examination scripts must be preserved by the department/school for six months from the date of release of results.


View your examination script

To view your exam script during this period:

  • No application form is needed and this is free of charge.
  • Candidates should contact their Department/School office and request the process is for viewing scripts for both online and paper-based examinations – there may be a requirement to make an appointment to view the script in the presence of an academic staff member.
  • Scripts must not be removed from the Department/School by the candidate for three months following the release of grades.


Obtain a copy of your examination script

For up to three months from the release of results you may apply for a copy of your exam script(s). 

Application form: Examination Script

Email the completed form to the Examinations Senior Coordinator:‌

If a copy can be provided, there is a fee of $15 for each examination script requested. The payment information will be emailed to you once your application is confirmed. Please note, it may not be possible to provide a copy of an examination script. Find out about Exam Payment Options



Three months after the release of results

Three months after the release of results and until the scripts are destroyed, it may be possible for original scripts to be returned to candidates free of charge. During this time, candidates should apply to the relevant Department/School.

Please note: These regulations do not apply to papers where the Head of Department/School has been authorised by the Academic Administration Committee not to release marked scripts.


For enquiries about accessing exam scripts

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