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Exam invigilation for external institutions

07 June 2024

UC offers invigilation and proctoring services for exams of other universities, colleges, institutions of further education and training, and other certified course providers from in New Zealand and overseas. Find out about UC's exam invigilation for external institutions.


What we offer

We have an extensive range of examination venues on our Ilam campus including lecture theatres and tutorial rooms. Examinations can be arranged for any number of students. With sufficient notice, arrangements can be made for students with disabilities and other special conditions.

Note: Larger groups of candidates (50+) can be accommodated only in the evenings or weekends because of limited space availability.

UC can accommodate computer-based exams for individual students. However, due to limited resources, UC is unable to conduct group online examinations.

The University of Canterbury (UC) is located in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, in the western suburb of Ilam. UC is 6 kilometres from the airport.


Campus facilities



Pay parking is available on campus. Parking is also available on the street though you may have to walk some distance.


Locations and facilities

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Accommodation close to the University of Canterbury


There are several motels nearby. See google maps for details.


Bus routes and timetables
  • See Bus stops (online maps) for information showing location of bus stops close to UC with links to timetable information
  • See Metro bus services website for contact details and bus information for the greater Christchurch area.

External examination fees

The regular fee for an examination of up to three hours duration is NZ$215.75 (plus GST where applicable). The fee covers one examination invigilator, administration, and small room hire (suitable for 1-50 candidates) for each examination scheduled during normal working hours. Additional charges will be levied where an examination meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Has a duration of greater than three hours
  • Has more than 10 minutes reading time
  • Is held outside normal working hours
  • Requires more than one invigilator
  • Requires a larger room.


Booking an external exam

Individual enquiries

Complete the external examinations application form below and email it to the Examinations Office as soon as possible. We will acknowledge the request and advise whether we are able to host the examination(s). You can contact the  by email or telephone to discuss your specific situation.


Students whose institutions require them to pay for their examination

  • Must pay at least five business days before the date of the examination. Payment instructions will be provided by the Examinations Office upon confirmation of a request.
  • For exams requested within five days of the required examination date, payment must be made within 24 hours of the request.

Bookings are only guaranteed once payment has been made and a receipt has been issued, at which time reporting information will be supplied.


Institution enquiries

The home institution should forward a list of all students' full details including name and student number, examination title and code, scheduled date, time and length of the examination, and also specific reading times or special conditions of examinations or instructions to supervisors. The external examinations application form can be used, if preferred.

The home institution must advise who is responsible for the cost of the examination. Where the candidate is expected to cover the fee for the examination, contact details address, email and phone number should be provided.

The Examinations Office will acknowledge the request and advise whether it is able to host the examination(s). The Examinations Office may be contacted by e-mail or telephone to discuss specific situations.

Download the External Examination Application form here

Examination Invigilation for External Institutions

Examinations will be conducted on the dates and times specified by the home institution. We do not usually invigilate exams on public holidays (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment website) or Sundays.

1.    The home institution should forward a list of all students' full details including name and student number, examination title and code, scheduled date, time and length of the examination, and also specific reading times or special conditions of examinations or instructions to supervisors. 

2.    It is the responsibility of the home institution to ensure that examination papers and material are sent in a timely manner to the Examinations Office.

3.    Examination papers and material should be clearly labelled with the course/subject code and title, the scheduled date, time and length of the examination, and detailed instructions for the invigilator.  The University of Canterbury (UC) will, where possible, observe all such instructions, local conditions/regulations and laws permitting.

4.    All students sitting examinations at UC must make prior contact with the Examinations Office five business days prior to the exam date, to confirm their attendance and receive reporting instructions.

5.    Students who do not intend to sit one or more of their scheduled examinations must inform their home institution immediately.

6.    On the day of the examination, students must report to the exam room no later than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their examination.

7.    Students who are unable to attend one or more of their examinations must contact the Examinations Office before the date of the examination. Where at least 24 hours' notice is given, only the $55 administration fee will be charged for that student. If less than 24 hours' notice is given, the full cost of the examination will be charged. 

8.    If a student fails to attend their examination and no notice is given, the student/home institution will be responsible for the full cost of the examination.

9.    Institutions may provide a courier service envelope/box for return of the completed scripts, examination papers and/or materials. UC will return completed examination scripts to the home institution as soon as possible following the examination. Any costs incurred by UC in returning examination materials to the home institution will be passed on to the home institution or candidate on a cost recovery basis.

10. Where the home institution is meeting the cost on the examination; UC will invoice the institution by e-mail after the examination period. The invoice is payable in NZ$ within 30 days of the invoice date.

11. UC will not transmit examination results to the student. Transmission of results to students is the responsibility of the home institution.

12. For enquiries regarding External Exams at UC, please contact the Examinations Office.

External examination charges

Download (application/pdf, 105 KB)

For more information and enquiries

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