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Certificate in Indigenous Narrative

06 October 2023

From films to video games, UC's Certificate in Indigenous Narrative (CertIndigNarr) introduces you to indigenous storytelling in the digital media industry. Find out about studying a CertIndigNarr through our Te Kaupeka Toi Tangata | Faculty of Arts.


Certificate in Indigenous Narrative

Degree Structure - Start In
Semester 1 or 2 (February or July)




Certificate in Indigenous Narrative

Degree Structure - Duration
1 year full-time, 5 years part-time


Certificate in Indigenous Narrative


The Certificate in Indigenous Narrative will introduce you to Indigenous storytelling in the digital media industry, from films to video games.

This Certificate is ideal professional development for anyone working in the creative media industries to gain more awareness and ability to incorporate Māori, Pacific, and other Indigenous cultures in their works.

Certificate in Indigenous Narrative

What will my study involve?

  • Learn how to build stories, characters, narratives, and worlds that are meaningful, ethical, and culturally inclusive.
  • Scholarship opportunities for Māori and Pacific students to join Te Whare Pūrākau Academy, connecting you with Indigenous creators.
  • This Certificate can be completed in 1 year full-time, or part-time for up to 5 years to accommodate working professionals.

Certificate in Indigenous Narrative

How do I plan my certificate?

The CertIndigNarr is made up of 60 points, which includes three compulsory courses and one elective course from an approved list.

It can be completed within 1 year full-time, or up to 5 years part-time.

For the full degree requirements, see the Regulations for the Certificate in Indigenous Narrative.

2025 tuition fees estimate (per 60 points):

  • Domestic — to be confirmed
  • International — $16,400

2024 tuition fees estimate (per 60 points):

  • Domestic — $3,374
  • International — $15,800

SSL estimate (per 60 points):

  • 2025 — to be confirmed
  • 2024 — $550.20

Certificate in Indigenous Narrative

Career opportunities

  • Meet industry demand with expertise in Indigenous representation in media.
  • Help continue to promote Aotearoa's unique place in the creative world and our relationship to te ao Māori.
  • Graduates will find work as creative advisors, screenwriters, concept designers, and more.

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Example degree structure diagram
Certificate in Health Science

Each small block represents a 15-point course.

This diagram is an example only – other combinations are possible. For specific course requirements, see the Regulations for the Certificate in Indigenous Narrative.


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