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Student support

13 February 2024

Everyone needs support from time to time. At UC our staff, students, and Student Support team all offer support and guidance. Check out our student support options and get in touch.


Support services

Support and resources available at UC

Our staff are always happy to answer your questions and can direct you to the many services available at UC to help with your academic achievement and physical and mental well-being. Follow the links below for more information about the services available on campus.

Advisors to students with disabilities
Mathematics and Statistics grievance contacts
Study advice

See your lecturer during their office hours or ask your tutor in a tutorial. See Learn for details of your lecturers' availability. Make sure you have specific questions to ask and that you have first worked at the problem yourself.

Lectures are the framework on which to base your studies. If you are not happy about any aspect of lectures, first approach your lecturer. They do appreciate the chance to sort matters out at a personal level. You may wish to do this through your class representatives.

You could also approach your tutor or the departmental grievance committee, or finally the Head of School.


Our 100-level lectures often contain several hundred students, but they are supplemented by regular small–group tutorials in which you will be given personal assistance with problems arising from the lectures. We also offer tutorials at levels 200, 300 and 400.

The importance of tutorials cannot be over-emphasised. If you do not participate in tutorials, you will have great difficulty passing the tests and examinations; you should regard tutorial attendance as compulsory.

Talk to your course co-ordinator or tutor if tutorials are not working for you.

Personal circumstances can cause you to miss a test or exam, or impair your performance in them. The University Calendar or the Guide to Enrolment | Aratohu Whakauru should be consulted for the regulations concerning special considerations (formerly aegrotats), but you should also see the lecturer in charge of the course.

If you don't tell us, we can't help you!

Past exam papers

Past exam papers back to 2007 are available. Not all subjects necessarily are taught, or have an exam, every year. Off-campus access is only available to UC staff and students.

Print copies and earlier exams are available at the Macmillan Brown Library.

Marked assessment items and tests can be picked up from the Mathematics and Statistics reception, level 4, Jack Erskine Building from 9am until 12noon, Monday to Friday.

Please note: You will be required to present photo ID (UC Student ID Card, Drivers Licence).

If you need regular individual help, a list of private tutors is available from Mathematics and Statistics reception, level 4, Jack Erskine Building.

Class reps are invaluable for the School and act as a liaison between students and lecturers.

A list of the class reps for Mathematics and Statistics courses will be advised when nominations and selection are complete.

The UCSA also has details about the Class Rep System and a list of current class reps.

Other resources
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