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Student Care

Atawhai Ākonga

26 November 2023

Need to talk? Falling behind in your studies? Feeling like it's all a bit of a struggle? Student Care Advisors are your support team. The service is free to access and available to all students at the University of Canterbury, including off campus (distance) students. Please note, bookings are made under your enrolled name. Please contact us if you would like to be booked under your preferred name. 


Whether you are a domestic or international student, we can talk with you about your situation, help you to figure out your options, and work out the best way forward.

You can talk with a Student Care Advisor by phoning, emailing, clicking the appointment button above, or dropping in to see if we are free. See our contact page for details.

  • Support service for all domestic and international students, including distance students
  • Free and confidential to access
  • Multiple ways to get in contact with us

Please note that our booking system uses the name you enrolled under. If you would like to book an appointment with your preferred name please either:

  • Phone 369 3388
  • Drop in to the office in the Undercroft
  • Email us and let us know you want to book under your preferred name
Who can help me in an emergency?

If you have an emergency situation, please call security on 6111 (internal) or 0800 823 637, or CDHB Crisis Resolution Service on 0800 920 092

You were able to gather quite a lot of information for me in a short time and identify a 'big picture' then build a realistic plan of action—something I was far too overwhelmed to do alone.

—A student talking about Student Care

Things we can help with

  • Getting started at UC
    • If you miss out on an orientation or just have some questions
    • Finding your way around, figuring out transportation, shopping
  • International student support
    • Understanding New Zealand culture and living in New Zealand (check out NauMaiNZ for a great resource to help with adjusting to living in New Zealand)
    • Intercultural communication
    • Insurance policy wording and claims (for purchase enquiries, email us
  • Getting on top of things
    • Motivation and procrastination
    • If you fall behind on classes or are failing a course
    • Juggling commitments, planning study, and goal setting
    • Short term support as you get back on track
    • Managing the impact of mental health/stressors on your study
  • Help understanding UC 
    • Navigating campus, connecting with services
    • Understanding UC policies and processes
    • Mature student and postgraduate student needs
    • Understanding and filling in Special Consideration applications for assessment, late discontinuation and partial refunds
    • Confidential advice on how to appeal a decision or make a complaint
    • Support throughout a UC process, such as Academic Progress Review 
  • Challenges and concerns
    • Financial issues, including hardship and Studylink
    • Accommodation issues
    • Communication issues, including flatmates, other students and staff
    • If you are unwell and need someone to help you work out how to manage and/or liaise with your course coordinators
  • Making the most of your time here
    • Connecting with services, people and opportunities 

Don’t see your concern here? No problem! Contact us and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Please note: We offer practical guidance, advice and support. If you require counselling, contact the UC Health Centre. If you require advocacy, contact the UCSA Welfare and Advocacy Team.

But the thing that is really valuable for me, and will never forget, is your help and support. Now, I think I am not alone here.

An international student talking about Student Care

Who else can I talk to?

There are a wide range of people available at the University of Canterbury to offer you support, help and guidance. Common services we refer to include:

If you would like to contact one of these groups directly, click on any of the links above for further information.

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