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MATLAB on your device

13 February 2024

MATLAB by MathWorks is the world's leading developer of technical computing software for engineers and scientists in industry, government, and education. MathWorks products are available to UC staff and students. Find out about getting MATLAB on your device.


The individual license may be used by students, faculty, and staff to download an individual stand-alone copy of MATLAB and install it onto their personal machines. The MATLAB Portal is used to distribute standalone licenses for UC students, faculty, and staff. You may download MATLAB, get free training, contact support, and discover additional resources.

Commercial usage of MathWorks products is not permitted by this site license.

  1. Go to University of Canterbuy's MATLAB Portal to register and download the software.
  2. Click the "Sign in to get started" button.
  3. You will be asked to create a MathWorks Account, using your student (, postgraduate ( or staff ( email address. Once complete, you will automatically be associated to The University of Canterbury's MATLAB license.
  4. When creating an account, you must select an option from the How will you use MathWorks software drop-down list.
    • Staff and Post Graduate researchers should select Teaching or research in school.
    • Students should select Student use.
  5. After clicking the Create button, you'll be asked to check your email to verify your account.
  6. Once your MathWorks account is created it will automatically be associated with the UC licence at which point you may download the software from the portal or use MATLAB Online.

Download and Install MATLAB

  1. Login to the portal with your MathWorks account.
  2. Click Download Installer from the portal.
  3. Select the version of MATLAB you wish to install.
  4. Select the operating system version of MATLAB you wish to install.
  5. During the installation process you will be prompted to log in with your MathWorks Account to activate your copy of MATLAB.
  6. Once activated MATLAB will be licensed for one year, after which you'll need to activate again should you wish to continue using MATLAB.

Undergraduate students should strongly consider using Remote Desktop to to ensure they have access to their files created during computer labs.

However, you can use MATLAB online from the UC MATLAB Portal

  1. Login to the portal with your MathWorks account.
  2. Click the "Use MATLAB Online" link

Your MathWorks account can also be used for MATLAB Mobile, which has access to the same files stored on MATLAB Online.

Files created in the MATLAB Online/Mobile services are stored in the cloud and are only accessible from those services. Be sure to download copies should you need to share or submit them for assignments.

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