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Yoga & Flow Yoga

30 January 2024

Yoga will help you strengthen and lengthen your muscles as you relax and release tension. It's about improving your flexibility with strength by connecting your mind, body, and breath. Check out Yoga & Flow Yoga classes at UC Rec & Sport.

Flow Yoga or Yoga? 

Classes labelled Yoga are slower paced hatha classes - ideal for beginners.  You will have plenty of time to transition between poses.  Less emphasis is placed on breath during the majority of the practice, although we do encourage you to breathe normally and not hold the breath!  Our teachers come from different backgrounds of yoga, so do try them all and see which fits you best. 

Classes labelled Flow Yoga are a more energetic practice, moving to the rhythm of inhales and exhales.  We will flow from one pose (asana) to another in a continuous, smooth way, some describe it like a moving meditation.   Classes will include a series of sun salutations, standing and balancing, twists/backbends and a sweet guided relaxation to finish.   A complete workout for body and brain!  Suited to those who've got a few classes under their belt,  but beginners are welcome and it won't take long to build your stamina, strength and flexibility. 

Both types of class will go through three phases – preparation, work phase, relaxation. Every class is a little different, though you will begin to recognise the asanas (postures) over time.

Yoga etiquette
  • Arrive early and minimise talking so that you do not disturb others in the preparation phase (they'll be looking like they're asleep, taking a bit of time to meditate).
  • If you arrive late, please do so as quietly as you can (see above!).
  • Please advise us if you need to leave early - if you need to leave before the end (the best bit!), please be very quiet as others meditate.
  • It is recommended that you practice in bare feet, but you are welcome to leave your socks on.
  • Always modify if you need to!  Build slowly.
  • If you must do your own sequence, please choose a room position that is not distracting for either the teacher and other participants.
  • Please turn off mobile phones and refrain from checking them (unless you're an ER doctor or similar.

Check the timetable: Group Fitness and Specialty Course class times

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