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30 January 2024

With its speedy combination of cardio and strength training, each session keeps you focused on performance alone.

This class leverages the SkillRun's run, sled and parachute training modes paired with a Technogym Bench for a full body workout experience.

What to expect
  • Cardio on our cutting edge SkillRUN treadmills; utilising running, sled and parachute training modes.
  • Weights based strength training, supervised by qualified instructors who will help and encourage you every step of the way.
  • Location: RecCentre FUN Zone.

The structure of the class goes like this

  • Warmup - 5 minutes
  • First workout set - 24-minutes long (12min Cardio + 12min Circuit Training).
  • Second workout set - 16-minutes long (8min Cardio + 8min Training).
  • Cooldown - 5 minutes

You'll pair up with another user in the class. You'll both workout at the same time, one of you on cardio the other on circuit training.

  • User A: Will do a 12-minute sequence on the SkillRun treadmill (the workout will include a variation of the following and change every class: jog, run, sled push, parachute run, short sprints, flat and uphill options). You can run/jog/walk at your own pace. This class caters for absolute beginners as well as those who want to push themselves to their limit.
  • User B: Will use the Technogym Bench to complete various exercises in a 40sec work | 20sec rest rotation.
  • As a pair you'll complete your 12-minutes of exercise then swap stations and repeat for another 12-minutes.
Benefits of SkillRUN
  • Class size is limited to a maximum of 14 people.
  • Personalised instruction from our experienced and motivating instructors.
  • Learn how to use and create your own workouts using the equipment in the zone wing.
  • Improve your aerobic fitness, muscular fitness and strength.
  • Enjoy the feeling of community as you connect and workout with like minded individuals.
  • Train with a focus on peak performance, this class will push you in the style of true athletic conditioning.
How often should you attend?

Include it in your fitness routine 2-4 times per week and watch your body transform! 

Check the timetable: Group Fitness and Specialty Course class times

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