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Core & Stretch

30 January 2024

Our Core & Stretch group fitness classes are great if you are short on time and need to work out and stretch at once! Check out Core & Stretch classes at UC Rec & Sport and improve your core strength, flexibility, and balance.

A typical Core & Stretch class
  • A dynamic and athletic warm up
  • The first half will zone in on strengthening with big movement core exercises. 
  • The core includes the hips and glutes, so expect plenty of planks, stability/balance work and some targeted hip strengthening 
  • The second half will focus on lengthening those muscles through focused stretching
  • This could include PNF, foam rolling/tennis ball work for fascia release and standard stretching 
Benefits of Core & Stretch
  • Improve your core strength, including glutes and hips 
  • Improve flexility, mobility and balance 
How often should you attend?

We only have one at the moment, so you should definitely attend it! 

Check the timetable: Group Fitness and Specialty Course class times

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