Quick APA citation tools

  • APA format from MultiSearch or Google Scholar often needs minor corrections. Check your reference against our APA guide
  • You will need to create your in-text citations manually
  • Quick citation is useful for short reference lists. If you have a large reference list, EndNote is a better option


  • Run your search in MultiSearch
  • If you wish to cite a single item, click the quotation marks to the right of the item and select the citation style you want to use
  • If you wish to generate a list of items in a particular citation style, click the “Saved this item” icon to the right of each item, then click the Saved Items folder on the top right of the screen. Select the citation style you wish to use

Google Scholar

  • Run a search in Google Scholar
  • From your search result, click the quotation marks under the item
Google scholar search return example for citation © University of Canterbury 2017

Choose APA as your reference style Cite format

  • Copy-paste a formatted citation or use one of the links to import into bibliographic management software
Google scholar citation example © University of Canterbury 2017


For more help with your APA citations, please contact your Subject Librarian.