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Student story

Zachary Logounov

20 July 2023

"You are part of the UC family, no matter where you are from..."


Study Abroad student

Certificate of Proficiency Commerce

Zachary always wanted to start his own business, and now he’s one step closer by studying Business and Entrepreneurship at UC.

“My interests have always been in sustainable for-profit business globally and starting my own business is my dream.”

Although the American national initially chose UC for its academic performance, the clubs and societies on campus really made his UC experience.

“The student clubs are something I have been eager to take advantage of. My home university offers clubs, but students don’t seem to be interested in joining. Here at UC most students are at least part of one and there are so many to choose from, I love it. I have participated in many activities like “Learn to Surf” with CUBA, they have helped me a lot with my surfing.”

Throughout his time at UC, Zachary found the academic staff knowledgeable and friendly.

“The professors and lecturers are more passionate about students learning, rather than delivering everything that is required for the course. It feels like they always take the extra step to make sure learning is achieved. For example, Dr Russell Wordsworth is hands down the best lecturer, he makes every class engaging, which makes it easier to understand and learn.”

Accommodation on campus is an easy way to stay close to the action. For Zachary, he stayed at the Ilam Apartments.

“Living at Ilam Apartments is incredible, everybody is really nice and also the organised events are always fun and beneficial, especially when food is offered.”

It can be hard moving across the globe, but at UC there is a dedicated network of student care staff here to help.

“Being an international student has been easy and smooth. Back at my home university the domestic and international students keep to themselves and don’t tend to interact much, but here at UC, I have found the exact opposite. You are part of the UC family, no matter where you are from.

“To students all over the world that are considering to study at UC, firstly, do it. I have found it very easy to adjust to life in New Zealand, people are so approachable and genuine. Secondly, take advantage of everything UC has to offer, go to student events, go to seminars, you will learn a lot and most importantly interact with the “kiwi” culture. I promise you will not regret it.”

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