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Student story

Junjie Tao

20 July 2023

"My dream is to own my own business in Shanghai..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Management

As someone from Shanghai, what’s it been like studying at UC?

In my experience as an international student, UC is very concerned about the lives and studies of international students and is the first to resolve any issues that arise. Having lived in Christchurch for many years, I have always felt welcomed by the locals and have a wonderful experience here.

Why did you choose to live in Christchurch?

I chose Christchurch because of the relaxed pace of life and the lack of pressure to live here, which is a complete contrast to the fast-paced life I had previously led. Despite Christchurch's small size, it's easy to drive anywhere in just over 10 minutes, and traffic isn't horrendous either. Besides a friendly and helpful atmosphere, I also find many friendly and helpful people here.

My favourite thing about Christchurch is that it isn't too hot in the summer. I love driving around the South Island with my family and friends for fun and photography while on holiday.

And that atmosphere also led you to enrol at UC?

UC's teaching environment and atmosphere appealed to me when I attended UC's Open Day as a high school student in Christchurch. The UC Business School also has the Triple-Crown standard. As a student at UC, I receive a high-quality education.

After receiving the Fast Track Award, I became more motivated to study and inspired to pursue a career in Economics and Management. I believe that I will benefit both personally and professionally from the award, as well as finding a job that suits me in the future.

What was it about Economics and Management that appealed to you?

The study of Economics provides me with the opportunity to apply the knowledge I learn in practice. It also improves my logic and analytical skills, such as predicting economic trends through models. Moreover, Economics enables me to gain a deeper understanding of macro and micro policies, such as how central banks issue currency and how that impacts prices and exchange rates. The study of microeconomics allows me to gain a deeper understanding of how consumers and businesses interact with different factors.

The study of Management helps me understand how strategic decisions are made in the ever-changing context of business and society because it has a broader scope than Economics.

So the two subjects work well together?

They have helped me gain a better understanding of the international business environment. The study of Economics is more academic and theoretical, and it develops analytical and thinking skills. As well as being very easy to use in real-life situations, it is also very practical. Likewise, goals, resources, and teams need to match in order for Management to be efficient. There is a lot of room for creativity and practical application in that subject. I believe that studying Management will improve my ability to think in systems and interact with people.

I think having a solid understanding of both Economics and Management will be beneficial to me when I start my own business.

Is that your plan after finishing study?

My goal after graduation is to work for a foreign trade company applying the knowledge gained at UC. My dream is to own my own business in Shanghai as soon as I gain the necessary experience and exposure.

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