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Student story

Xueyao (Michelle) Jia

20 July 2023

"I regard these experiences invaluable in my life..."


Bachelor of Commerce in Management and Marketing

Marketing Assistant, Paw’s Club

Why did you decide to study Business with UC?

When I was still studying English at CCEL, I already knew that UC was the best Tertiary College in Christchurch. I chose UC because of its reputation, word of mouth, and teaching quality that appealed to me.

The reason why I chose Marketing and Management as my majors was because I think possessing business knowledge is essential in this societal environment where trades are ubiquitous around us. I have an ambition to probably set up and manage my own business in the future, so I should grasp a solid understanding of Marketing and Management in the first place before I move into that stage.

And did you get that foundation from your studies?

The Marketing degree at UC provides us with a lot of chances to go through practical marketing activities. For example, we would be assigned to different real-world companies to research their market conditions, develop market plans, and implementation strategies.

Every time we did a practical marketing project, we undoubtedly improved on the mastery of marketing knowledge – I believe this can be a practical experience provided for us in our marketing career.

What was it like adjusting to the study culture in New Zealand, coming from Xinxiang, China?

I recognised that the education system in China is very different from that in New Zealand. Every international student would experience a challenging start to adapt to university life, but UC has always provided us with a lot of help for international students to settle in. My experience at UC and in Christchurch as an international student has truly helped me become more independent and competent.

The difficulties and challenges I have gone through during studying at UC have definitely made me improve, and I regard these experiences invaluable in my life.

How did you go about settling in?

Studying at UC is not just attending the lectures, it also provides us with various opportunities to meet different people from multiple cultural backgrounds. I have gained a lot regarding cultural diversity, and my ability to relate to different types of people has also been developed through studying at UC in this "inclusive community"

Being involved in university clubs is definitely a good way to meet more people, make more friends, and broaden your social connection and network. I participated in the activities of the Student Volunteer Army. I have met more people through these events, and I believe we made a positive contribution to the people and communities; that is what I enjoy most – I think what I have done is so meaningful.

What about outside uni?

I liked to spend my time travelling around the South Island when I was not studying; even in Christchurch, there are many amazing places waiting for us to discover and explore. Christchurch is such a good place to study and live in, and New Zealand is a country perfect for a road trip. Travelling around the South Island, such as to Lake Tekapo, Dunedin, Invercargill, Nelson, etc has made up my incredible "Study Abroad Life" in Christchurch, New Zealand.

So now that you’ve graduated, how has your degree helped so far in the working world?

I have a Marketing Assistant role at Paw’s Club, which requires writing and developing marketing plans, including clear marketing strategies, activities, and sales targets. I have completed many similar marketing projects while at the University, which is really helpful for what I need to do now in my career.

One of my career dreams has been to set up my own business in the future; I know my experience at UC is definitely beneficial for that.

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