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Student story

Devanshi Gandhi

20 July 2023

"It was great to create something new and see it go this far..."


What have you enjoyed most about UC so far?

So many things! I really like that everyone’s so open and positive. People smile at each other and want to make friends. Another highlight for me was starting a club.

A club! How did that start?

It began as a joke with my friends. I’m Indian and I made curry for everyone one night. It was really late and I said, “Hey guys, what if I started a club involving curry – would people join?” We launched it during O-Week and 300 people signed up! It’s been really successful and we even won Best New Club.

What was it like getting it started?

It was a big learning curve. Last year was a massive experimental year for me. I had to figure out how to start and run a club, organise events and use mailing lists. I love entrepreneurship, so it was great to create something new and see it go this far.

Any other highlights?

I started playing basketball. I’m quite short so I wasn’t sure, but a friend asked and I said, “Okay, I’ll give it a go”. It’s been awesome. At UC you’re exposed to lots of different things, whether its sport, academics, clubs or culture. I never thought I’d like basketball but I love it!

What are you looking forward to?

I've been elected to the UCSA general exec. I'm going to be in charge of education and human development. I think it will be a cool challenge to be a voice for students in that area. It's also great management experience and there will be so many new friends and connections to make. I can't wait!

What’s surprised you most about UC?

How nice the lecturers are. Even if there are a couple hundred people in your class, they actually do care. They love having chats and helping you out. All you need to do is ask.

What's your secret to getting the most out of UC?

Coming to uni is like a fresh start. At high school, if you’re different you’re weird. Here, if you’re different you’re cool – and everybody is different! At UC you don’t have to be afraid to be yourself.

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