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Student story

Riley Fairhall

20 July 2023

"UC has amazing facilities and services spread throughout its massive campus..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce in Management with a minor in Business and Sustainability


What was your inspiration in choosing your business subjects?

Ever since taking economics in NCEA Level 1 I’ve been interested in business, however in Level 3 after taking part in the Young Enterprise Scheme I realised I wanted to work with business, and I knew a degree in Commerce would be a perfect fit as it offers many varied career paths and opportunities.

It would also teach me many foundational skills and offer internships to network and gain real-world experience.

And why did you pick UC?

I wanted to study at UC because of their reputation and the opportunities given to students, such as internships and networking events. UC has amazing facilities and services spread throughout its massive campus, which makes walking to class a refreshing break from study.

I was also fortunate enough to be offered the Te Kakau a Māui scholarship programme, and it’s the shortest drive to home.

Have you taken part in any events so far?

There are new events every week as well as lots of clubs to join ensuring you can do as much or little as you want. Just remember there’s always new opportunities out there, just because you missed one doesn’t mean you can’t get the next one.

What opportunities do you hope to get from your degree?

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure; I’d like to start my own successful business, but I also want to get out there and get more experience while working with others.

Why did you choose to live in a hall?

This would be the first time in my life when I would be living away from my family, and most my friends, however it’s also my biggest opportunity to make new lifelong friends. For my first year of university, I wanted to live somewhere which would allow me enough peace and quiet to study, yet a strong social environment to make friends and enjoy my first year.

So you chose to live in Tupuānuku – what’s your favourite part of living here?

How easy it is to meet people and make friends, everyone is very friendly and wants to be here. I’ve also enjoyed the change in learning structures; lectures are easy to rewatch and there are great places to meet people studying the same subject.

What advice do you have when it comes to picking a hall?

Check all the options thoroughly before deciding, don’t just go where your friends are going – after all you’re about to make new friends.

They are all good options, just make sure you pick the best for you as an individual and a scholar. Think if you want a more social or scholar-based experience, or a mix of both.

And enjoy yourself, that’s the real Uni-life.

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